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Visiting Nassau, Bahamas

The city of Nassau was the highlight of our recent cruise to Bahamas Caribbean. The ship docked before sunrise. After waking up and going out on the balcony, my first sight was the view of the pink Atlantis Hotel that I had seen so many times on cruise commercials.   The weather was perfect; sunny and warm again. As in Freeport, we had no real plan for what to do in Nassau. We grabbed some breakfast at the ship’s buffet and then headed off the boat. Nassau, Bahamas Cruise Port All visitors from cruise ships enter Nassau through the welcome center at the port. This area is filled with vendors selling t-shirts, post cards, drinks, and souvenirs. There are also women doing hair braiding, people offering tours, and plenty of taxis.  A taxi from here to Paradise Island and the Atlantis Resort was $4 a person. City tours were being offered for $20 a person although it seemed there was some room for negotiation. We decided to take our time and just wonder into Nassau.
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